Do something about what you can do something about.

Corona virus is spreading like wildfire and our danish government have ordered a complete and historic lockdown of our country in order to regain control. What needs to be done needs to be done. Meanwhile the impact on us, the people, will be huge.

Many will lose their jobs and incomes and find themselves in an emotional free fall.

Cause change creates stress. The fear of the unknown.

Of cause there is the issue of money. How will I pay my rent etc, but equally important is the fact that your social groups might very well change also. New networks and new relations.

All these feelings reside in the Limbic System, the part of the brain author Sgt. Rory Miller calls The Monkey Brain. The monkey brain hates change.

What amplifies these feelings can be the feeling of helplessness. The feeling that this came upon you and you now have no choice. You might feel like a victim. Although very understandable is not true. You always have a choice.

The solution is a simple but not easy strategy...

Seek clarity. What are your options? How bad is it?

Then accept what you cannot change. Let it go. Breathe!

Finally do. Really do something about what you can do something about. Be creative. See this new situation as something that can actually push you and help you progress and evolve as a person.