I've had this one word in my head for some time now: "Clarity". Not like some new age revelation, but more like an everyday practical guideline. For myself and between people in general.

An analogy could be "pollution". What we send out has an effect on people around us.
Sometimes we're just raising our opinions and social media is full of them. But maybe more often we should ask ourselves is this causing greater clarity on the subject or not.
I might have an opinion where others have a Doctor's degree.

Think about the impact if could have on your relations, if everything you do and say has to pass through a clarity filter before it's released. Will this cause more or less clarity? For myself and people around me.

Ok, sometimes we don't have clarity. So, we go to people who do. Mentors & experts. You ask them for advice and hopefully you leave with more clarity. Else we can meditate or read books.

Of cause there's a time for everything. There are times when you really are confused, when you don't know and when the goals are somewhat blurry. But, like the Corona virus, it does not need to spread.

We all want clarity - cause it feels good. It relaxes your nervous system and might give you a sense of direction and purpose. It's even good business. People want to pay money to get it from you.

So here's a little challenge. For the next week (or the rest of your life), let everything you say or do pass through your internal clarity filter and ask yourself whether your action is adding to a greater sense of clarity or causing more confusion.

Oh, and why a post like this in a blog about self defence and conflict communication? Well, conflicts often come from a place of confusion. About status, territory, rules etc. So, clarity is a the road to safety.