Warrior level

In Krav Maga Global we work with 3 "levels" or stages in the development of a Krav Maga practitioner. 

First one is the operator.
The beginner is learning new techniques and is learning why, when and how to use them.
If "this" happens, you do "this".

The second level is reached usually after around 3 years of training. The fighter level.
The fighter becomes better at grouping techniques and understanding the underlying principles
When encountering a problem not met before he or she defaults to fierce fighting.

The third and last level is reached usually after about 6-8 years of training. This is the warrior level.
The warrior has an extensive understanding of solutions and the principles behind.
When meeting a new problem or a problem that changes, the warrior is able to adapt and change his response dynamically.

Let's zoom out a bit though. Cause obviously these skills are not only effective when dealing with physical encounters. 

Just now we see the Corona virus (COVID-19) spread all over the globe, and for some time many things in our daily lives will change.

We see now that these skills learned has a very high carry over to a life with unforeseen challenges. Some people being in quarantine for weeks, some being separated from their families, some losing their jobs and having to adapt very fast and find solutions.

So, fighter and warrior mentality is not only well suited for a life on the physical battlefield...