Come out stronger

I saw a presentation by Jon Bullock the other day where he described the process that many of us are thrown into during this pandemic crisis as follows:

1. Uncertainty
2. Acceptance
3. Progession

I found it very accurate and to be more or less a timeline that many of us go through.
I take the liberty to elaborate on it here as it might help some and add clarity to the process.

We get struck with fear as this situation is new and many things unknown. Generally we, people, don't like change. We start to worry about what might happen. But, there are so many unknown variables, that it feels overwhelming and as a result we get silent, passive and stressed.

As time goes we slowly start to accept the new situation. Some things fall into place and we develop new routines. Routines are comforting and we start to settle in with the new "normal". We come to terms with the fact that while there are things we cannot change, but also that there are things that can be done.

As the next step we start to grow again. We visualize the future and start to plan for it. We get exited and start to make decisions. We realize that there is a life after this.

An analogy is the kettlebell training. We put a load on ourself - the training. The body then recovers during a time of relaxation, then starts to adapt and comes out stronger.

Your first thought may be: "I long for things to returning to normal".
Try this one instead: "When things normalize, the world will be different and I will come back stronger, wiser and better".

The nature of an applied load is that it either breaks you or makes you stronger. Think of the "breaking" not being an option. That's the mindset of a fighter.

Spend the time you may be in some sort of lockdown preparing. Use it wisely. Study the things you may be lacking on: new software solutions, how to run a business, sharpen your skills, get fit or whatever supports your long term goal.